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China Blues

Broken printed ceramic and stones
10ftx10ft outdoor installation

Deptford X 2008 : Temporary Projects, 26 September – 19 October 2008
Creekside Centre, 14 Creekside SE8 4SQ

Shards of 18th and 19th century blue and white ceramic, found on the beach at Deptford, Greenwich, the South Bank and Kent, are assembled in the shape of the Eastern hemisphere on a 10ft circle of gravel. This ‘world in pieces’ attempts to recall the historical roots of blue and white earthenware, the passion for all things oriental, and the trade in tea and porcelain that led to England becoming the stronghold of one of the first mass-marketed products of the Industrial Revolution — blue and white transfer printed pottery. Manufactured in its millions, it was intrinsically interwoven with the growth and popularity of tea — a once sacred Chinese beverage reduced to a mere commodity in a traumatic encounter between East and West.

© Sue Lawes 2008